En tradition som pågått många år i Sunnanå Sk är Sunnanåcupen. I år så var det det 38:onde året i rad som cupen arrangerades.

Sunnanåcupen är en futsal turnering som pågår under trettondagshelgen – det är ett stort arrangemang där de händer mycket runtomkring själva fotbollen. Våra TUSS- tjejer tog självklart tillfället i akt och hjälpte till, med både filmning av cupen och arbete i kiosken.

Tjejerna fick lära sig om vad som händer bakom kulisserna på en cup.
Vad som krävs för att det ska fungera och hjälpa till att ta ansvar. De gjorde ett mycket bra jobb och var väldigt nöjda med dagarna.

TUSS Leadership Education

Last week Tuesday during the Older girls TUSS training, we had the opportunity to not only train but have a leadership Education. This was hosted by Alexandra Nilsson and Johan Lingehall.

The girls had the option learn so much about sports, leadership and much more. During the last part of training, they got to test out their leadership skills and train many drills they came up with and how to handle different scenarios.


Team TUSS part of Sunnanå’s Serie Win

Last Saturday (28/9), Sunnanå’s Dam A-Laget played their final match of the series. Sunnanå won 4-0 which means that they won the series and get to play in qualifiers for Elitettan. Team TUSS got to be part of this special day when girls from both the younger and older group were involved in the match. Several of the younger girls got to be ball girls during this match and a few of the older girls got to work in the kiosk.

Three older girls that helped out were Lati, Aisha and Larissa and here is what they had to say about their day.


It was great. It was not my first time to work in kiosk but it was my first time to work with my friend Aisha so that was great. I didn’t think that we will have many customers but we had a lot of customers and we were busy. I don’t think they stand too long on kiosk because we were as fast as possible and I think they were enjoyed in our services because there wasn’t any complains. I felt good and worked hard. But a little sad because I didn’t see when Sunnanå team scored .


Yes it was great fun and the same as Lati said the first time I work with her and I we will do it again and there were many ”customers” but I am a little sorry that I saw no goals but hope to see Sunnanå on the TV in the future so we can see you. Good luck!!.

It was great working at the game, I was in charge of the grill, it was the first time that I grilled burgers on the grill but everything went smoothly.
And I got pretty good view of the field, it was a great match to watch.

Overall it was a great day for Sunnanå and even the younger girls had a fun time being ball girls.

We hope to see everyone tomorrow (5/10) for Sunnanå’s first qualification match against Bollstanäs. The match is at 17:00 at Electrolux Home Arena.


Summer Update

As the restart of TUSS football training begins this week , we look back at the summer holiday and what some of our older girls have been up to.

Aisha- ” I will play the same we usually do and thanks it is good buzzer for me and I am the job now that I got a summer job”

Larissa- “My summer has been great. I have been working for Kultur- och fritidskontoret. We had activities with girls between 12 and 15 during the school break, we mostly played basketball, tennis and padel with them.
I also started SFI, so hopefully I can communicate better with everyone.
I’m excited to start the fotboll training again, I practice at lot of sports but fotboll it’s my favorite.
And for the fall I will start again the outdoor education with Linnea, I’m excited for that as well”

Rahwa- “ Jag har haft en bra sommar men jag tränade inte fotboll eftersom jag jobbar sommar jobb på hemtjänsten.
Jag är intresserad på fotboll fortfarande och jag ska börja träna igen när skolan börjar

Feruz- “It had been a great summer. The first half of the summer I spent a vacation somewhere in Ethiopia. It was a great experience. Then when I come back home I immediately started summer job nothing special. And I’m so excited that we’re going to start football training again because it’s something I love and wanna do and the great news is I’m going to meet some old and new friends ?. I don’t have any special plans yet but I got full energy for a new beginning ”.”


TUSS Fotbollskolan 2019

Yesterday 4/7 TUSS concluded its 2nd annual football camp/school. During the week, the girls got to train a lot of football, learn more about football, make new friends and enjoy a week of fun.

We finished every day with matches and trained on set plays like throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks

During the week, the girls were able to be trained by different girls in Sunnana’s women’s teams

We concluded the last day of camp, with lots of fun games and matches and then an outdoor lunch and fika. We are happy with another successful football camp this year and are looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone that helped make this week possible.



TUSS Fotbollskola kicks off NEXT Monday 1 Jul 2019 at Sörvalla IP. All girls between age 13-25 are welcome to participate in TUSS’s fotbollskola. This will be the second year for this camp and we are very excited to get going again. The camp will be everyday from Monday to Thursday (1-4 Jul) from 10:00-14-00. Lunch and snacks will be provided. All you need to bring are fotboll shoes, t-shirt, shorts and jacket/rainwear.

During the week, we will: train fotboll, work on self esteem and self confidence, relax and practice concentration, make new friends, learn about the importance of diet and fluids and overall have fun. We will meet everyday around 09:00 at the central bus station for those that want. Those who don’t want/need, can go directly to Sörvalla


Sunnanå SK F-08’s First Match

On Sunday 26th May, Sunnanå F-08 played their first match of the season. TUSS’s own Rose Paulo has been playing with the team since last fall and was part of the team on Sunday that defeated Bergsbyns SK F 07/08 with a score of 13-0.

An important part of TUSS is getting the girls involved with clubs and organisations outside of the project. After the match, both teams chose one player from each team to give the Fair Play Award and the other team chose Rose.

Congrats to Rose and the rest of the Sunnanå girls and keep up the good work.


Isfiske i Västra Lillträsket

On Sunday 3/3 the TUSS older group and the leaders took a trip Västra Lillträsket where we would learn to ‘pimpla’ or fish on ice. It was a fun day out in the nature and a great experience as the majority of us had never gone ice fishing before.  We were fortunate to be joined by professionals, (Erika, Oscar, and Thomaz) as well as the whole outdoor leadership team. It was a total of 26 of us that went on this fun trip.

Tjejers tankar om dagen!

Lati – ”Det var roligt men det var lite kallt, det bästa med dagen var att jag fick träffa hunden Storm.” Lati fick frågan om hon fått någon fisk och det fick hon  ”Jag fick en liten fisk men jag slängde ner den igen”  säger hon och skrattar!

 Aisha – ” Det var roligt, vi fick se en jättestor fisk, det var en fin plats och allt var bra.”

Aisha provade att grilla pinnbröd för första gången och tyckte det var väldigt gott. 
”Jag skulle vilja göra det här igen”

Vi passade även på att fråga ledarna Åsa och Linnea om vad dem tyckte om dagen 

Åsa- ”Fanatiskt väder och roligt att så många kom. Det verkade som att alla hade de trevligt trots lite kalla tår. Vi hade en fantastik hjälp från proffsen Erika, Oscar, Thomaz och hela friluftsledar gänget.”

Linnea – Roligt att så många deltog! Det blev inte jättemycket fiskar som fångades men vi hade en fin dag tillsammans med gott fika och härligt sällskap.


Here are some thoughts from some of the girls about the day

Lati- ”it was fun but a little cold, the best thing about the day was that i got to meet the dog Storm.” Lati got the question if she got any fish and she did! ”I got a small fish but i threw it back” She says and laughs.

Aisha – ” it was fun, we got to see a really big fish, it was a nice location and everything was good.”
Aisha tried to grill pinnbröd for the first time and she thought it was very tasty.

”I would like to do this again.”

We also took the time to ask the leaders Åsa and Linnea what they thought about the day.
Åsa – ”Amazing weather and fun that so many came. It seemed like everybody had a great time even though there was a little cold toes. We had amazing help from the pros Erika, Oscar, Thomaz and the whole outside door leader team.”

Linnea- ” Great that so many participated! we did not get a lot of fish but we had a great day together with tasty fika and good company.”

/Bupe & Jessica

Idrottens Dag

On Saturday 6 Oct, Åsa, Jessica and I accompanied Rose and Leila to Idrottens Dag at Morö Backa. There were many different sports and activities for kids of all ages to try and experience. Since at TUSS, we primarily focus on football, it was nice for the girls to try other activities. There was a lot for the kids to do like obstacle courses, gymnastics, volleyball, jumping rope, Frisbee golf and much more. It was nice to see Rose and Leila engage in different activities and learn new things. 

 Here is what Rose had to say about her day at Idrottens Dag.

It was Saturday the 6th of October in Morö Backe, which is a new school. It was Sports Day and we got to try many different kinds of sports. Some of the sports I got to try was kendo, an obstacle course, basketball, volleyball, karate, and skate boarding. It was really fun and my favorite sports were volleyball and kendo because I’ve never tried kendo before and it was really good.


 Overall it was a great experience for the girls and we enjoyed ourselves as well. Jessica got to try frisbee golf and I got to double dutch jump rope too. The girls in TUSS mainly train football but its also good for them to do other activities and learn and play other sports too.         


Lördag den 6/10 var Åsa, Jessica och jag tillsammans med Rose och Leila från yngre respektive äldre gruppen o tuss och besökte idrottensdag på moröbacke!

Det var en mängd olika aktiviteter som man fick prova på för alla åldrar! Det var en rad olika saker barnen fick prova på såsom volleyboll, gymnastik, hoppa hopprep, discogolf och mycket mer!

Både Rose och Leila provade på många olika saker och var kul att se att dom to intiativ!

Här är lite av Roses tankar om dagen.

Vi var på moröbacke skolan som är en ny skola och det var idrotts dag! Jag provade på massor med olika sporter såsom volleyboll, kendo, hinderbana, basket och skateboard det var riktigt roligt och mins favoriter var volleyboll och kendo! Har aldrig provat kendo förut och det var kul!


 Sett över det hela var det en rolig och givande dag där även vi provade på lite sporter! Jessica körde discogolf och jag dubbel hoppade hopprep!

Tuss tjejerna spelar oftast fotboll men är jättekul att tillfällen dyker upp där dem får prova nya aktiviteter och sporter!

  /Bupe & Jessica

Piteå Match

On Sunday 16 Sep, Linnea , Asa and I took 7 of the older TUSS group to watch Piteå Dam play Eskiltuna in the highest league here in Sweden, OBOS Damallsvenskan. We arrived at the arena about an hour and  15 minutes before the match and met with other young girls from several different clubs. We sat and listened to one of the coaches and players, who spoke about daily life and fotboll and answered any questions that we had. Afterwards we went to our seats and the match began. It was a good match that was pretty much dominated by Piteå and they ended up winning 2-0. During halftime we ate burgers and fika, which was yummy. After the match we went to the sideline and got to meet several players like Faith Ikidi and Lena Blomkvist and take lovely photos. Overall it was a great day and hopefully inspirational to the girls. Here are some thoughts from some of the girls.

På söndag 16 september åkte Linnea, åsa, Bupe och 7 stycken tjejer från den äldre TUSS-gruppen för att titta på Piteå Dam spela mot Eskiltuna i den högsta ligan här i Sverige, OBOS Damallsvenskan. Vi anlände till arenan ungefär en timme och 15 minuter före matchen och träffade andra unga tjejer från flera olika klubbar. Vi satt och lyssnade på en av tränarna och en spelare, som pratade om dagligt liv och fotboll och svarade på frågor som vi hade. Efteråt gick vi till våra platser och matchen började. Det var en bra match som dominerades ganska mycket av Piteå och de slutade med att dem vann med 2-0. Under halvtid åt vi hamburgare och fika, vilket var gott. Efter matchen gick vi till sidlinjen och fick träffa flera spelare som Faith Ikidi och Lena Blomkvist och ta underbara bilder. Totalt var det en bra dag och förhoppningsvis inspirerande för tjejerna. Här är några tanka från tjener.

Resan till Piteå det var jättefin och rolig.Vi tittade på matchen mellan Piteå damlaget och Eskilstuna damlaget. Jag fick Halloumi Hamburgare det som  var jättegott. Jag har lärt mig många saker till ex: Respektera dombesluten i spelet om det är sant eller felaktigt.



Det var jätte bra och roligt. Det var kul att vara med alla tjejer på matchen och vi fick fika och de var gott.  Jag lärde mig massa saker om fotboll och hur duktig man blir om man tränar mycket och det var kul.
/ Asmera


Jag åkte till Piteå med fotbollslaget med tjejerna på söndag.  När vi var framme fick vi infomation och  det var en man och en tjej som var där och informerade oss om T.ex om hur gamal är dem, om när började att träna fotboll och de gav oss några tips om fotboll. 

Sedan vi tittade på matchen. Matchen var jättekul och vi var intresserad av det, vi hejade till Piteås damer, vi åt lunch när det var paus och sen försätte vi att titta på det, vi fick också chocklad medan vi tittade på matchen. Till slut Piteås damerna vann och vi blev glada efter det tog vi foto med två tjejer (kvinnor) som splade fotboll I piteå.



/ Bupe and Jessica