Summer Update

As the restart of TUSS football training begins this week , we look back at the summer holiday and what some of our older girls have been up to.

Aisha- ” I will play the same we usually do and thanks it is good buzzer for me and I am the job now that I got a summer job”

Larissa- “My summer has been great. I have been working for Kultur- och fritidskontoret. We had activities with girls between 12 and 15 during the school break, we mostly played basketball, tennis and padel with them.
I also started SFI, so hopefully I can communicate better with everyone.
I’m excited to start the fotboll training again, I practice at lot of sports but fotboll it’s my favorite.
And for the fall I will start again the outdoor education with Linnea, I’m excited for that as well”

Rahwa- “ Jag har haft en bra sommar men jag tränade inte fotboll eftersom jag jobbar sommar jobb på hemtjänsten.
Jag är intresserad på fotboll fortfarande och jag ska börja träna igen när skolan börjar

Feruz- “It had been a great summer. The first half of the summer I spent a vacation somewhere in Ethiopia. It was a great experience. Then when I come back home I immediately started summer job nothing special. And I’m so excited that we’re going to start football training again because it’s something I love and wanna do and the great news is I’m going to meet some old and new friends ?. I don’t have any special plans yet but I got full energy for a new beginning ”.”


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