TUSS Fotbollskola kicks off NEXT Monday 1 Jul 2019 at Sörvalla IP. All girls between age 13-25 are welcome to participate in TUSS’s fotbollskola. This will be the second year for this camp and we are very excited to get going again. The camp will be everyday from Monday to Thursday (1-4 Jul) from 10:00-14-00. Lunch and snacks will be provided. All you need to bring are fotboll shoes, t-shirt, shorts and jacket/rainwear.

During the week, we will: train fotboll, work on self esteem and self confidence, relax and practice concentration, make new friends, learn about the importance of diet and fluids and overall have fun. We will meet everyday around 09:00 at the central bus station for those that want. Those who don’t want/need, can go directly to Sörvalla


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