TUSS Fotbollskolan 2019

Yesterday 4/7 TUSS concluded its 2nd annual football camp/school. During the week, the girls got to train a lot of football, learn more about football, make new friends and enjoy a week of fun.

We finished every day with matches and trained on set plays like throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks

During the week, the girls were able to be trained by different girls in Sunnana’s women’s teams

We concluded the last day of camp, with lots of fun games and matches and then an outdoor lunch and fika. We are happy with another successful football camp this year and are looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone that helped make this week possible.



TUSS Fotbollskola kicks off NEXT Monday 1 Jul 2019 at Sörvalla IP. All girls between age 13-25 are welcome to participate in TUSS’s fotbollskola. This will be the second year for this camp and we are very excited to get going again. The camp will be everyday from Monday to Thursday (1-4 Jul) from 10:00-14-00. Lunch and snacks will be provided. All you need to bring are fotboll shoes, t-shirt, shorts and jacket/rainwear.

During the week, we will: train fotboll, work on self esteem and self confidence, relax and practice concentration, make new friends, learn about the importance of diet and fluids and overall have fun. We will meet everyday around 09:00 at the central bus station for those that want. Those who don’t want/need, can go directly to Sörvalla


Sunnanå SK F-08’s First Match

On Sunday 26th May, Sunnanå F-08 played their first match of the season. TUSS’s own Rose Paulo has been playing with the team since last fall and was part of the team on Sunday that defeated Bergsbyns SK F 07/08 with a score of 13-0.

An important part of TUSS is getting the girls involved with clubs and organisations outside of the project. After the match, both teams chose one player from each team to give the Fair Play Award and the other team chose Rose.

Congrats to Rose and the rest of the Sunnanå girls and keep up the good work.


Inför Sunnanådagen den 8:e september

Lördag den 8:e september är det fotbollsfest på Sörvalla idrottsplats (Sunnanå). Då anordnas Sunnanådagen av Sunnanå SK.

  • Kl.10-11 har tjejerna i TUSS äldregruppen träning.
  • Kl.11-12 spelar tjejerna i yngregruppen match mot sina föräldrar/syskon.
  • Utöver detta finns mängder med andra aktiviteter såsom hoppborg, fikaförsäljning, grill/mat, speed shooting, godislotteri, pilkastning med mera.

Har du aldrig varit med på någon TUSS-träning? Ta chansen och prova på!

Alla är välkomna! Ny som ”gammal” TUSS-spelare, föräldrar och vänner. Dagen avslutas med herr- respektive damlagsmatch. Se schema för detaljerad information.